Workplace Hygiene & Illness Prevention


This course focuses on what employees need to know to stay healthy in the workplace. Topics covered by the course include, workplace hygiene and housekeeping, contagious diseases, and disease prevention. Topics covered in this course include how to prevent the spread of communicable diseases, including COVID-19. Students will learn how to effectively prevent the spread of diseases, like COVID-19, and stay healthy!


Bloem First Aid developed planning guidance on prevention of exposure to infectious diseases based on traditional infection prevention and industrial hygiene practices. It focuses on the need for employers to implement engineering, administrative, and work practice controls and personal protective equipment (PPE).


1. Hygiene and Housekeeping

2. Contagious Diseases

3. Disease Prevention

Key Topics

– Hygiene and Housekeeping

– Cleaning and Disinfecting

– Contagious Diseases (i.e: Influenza, Common Cold, COVID-19)

– Communicable vs. Non-Communicable Diseases

– Disease Prevention

– Vaccines

Target Audience

– Employee.

– Supervisor.

Course Code



This is a non-accredited short learning programme.

Course Duration

Two weeks part-time.

Entry Requirements



Students are required to complete a questionnaire.

There are no exams for this course.

Course Cost

R349 all inclusive, once off cost.


Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded Academy Certificate.